What is Casino Comps?

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Just like any other business, the casino exists to have a profit. Besides from offering gambling entertainment the casino should make sure that it could sustain giving out winnings against the total amount it is raking in. It rewards its patron by legitimately giving out winnings and at the same time ensures the player could come back again even though they had a bad day. Comps usually give casino patrons encouragement to come back and play, whether online or not, and keep them playing regularly. One of the beauty of comps or the point system is that it enables the money lost by a player to come back slowly.

This will all be governed and regulated by the casino’s comp system. But if a player had a string of bad luck in the past couple of days, then the comp system could not be that useful. Viewing it as a whole, the comp system reveals that it’s mostly tokens to players, and this is the basic premise of how advantage gambling came to be; it is able to maximize the perceived value of probabilities of games in casinos. This also maximized the amount of money that would be available to finance the games in online or in a totally brick and mortar casino.
So how do comps could be calculated and granted? Usually regular casino patrons are encouraged to join a club or register with the particular casino. This way the patron’s activity could be logged and monitored. One could have an electronic identity and this will used whenever a player is playing a game. This electronic identity can be inscribed with a point system.

The point system may be checked anytime through what people popularly call as the “pit bosses”. Comps could be awarded based on the amount the player is spending, how much he has won, and how much did he lose. In online casinos, this is made easier because the basic infrastructure to collect identity data is already in place. The amount of money circulating within a game is logged and comps will be awarded automatically to the players.

This is again based on the amount of money the player is putting in his or her account. Online casinos usually have a minimum amount required for you to start playing, and a comp would usually be awarded once you joined in. This particular comp could not be cashed out; this is like a phantom credit. This could however be used to bet in any game that is available online. It technically makes the player more confident in betting because at the back of his mind he has this extra credit to bet. Although for many this comp is insignificant it still imparts this “feel good” factor among the players. Through comps, casinos are making sure you have enough encouragement to come back and gamble your money.
As stated this type of comps cannot be cashed out but they could be accumulated. There are also casinos that give comps depending on the games rate; the higher the game rating the higher the comp rates.