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Pai Gow Poker, a captivating blend of ancient Chinese Pai Gow and classic American poker, has emerged as a beloved staple in casinos worldwide. This unique card game combines traditional poker hand rankings with the strategic elements of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow, offering a slow-paced, sociable, and strategic gaming experience. Since its introduction to American casinos in the 1980s, Pai Gow Poker has attracted a dedicated following with its unique blend of complexity and camaraderie. This article explores the origins, rules, gameplay strategies, and the enduring appeal of Pai Gow Poker.

The Origins of Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker was created by Sam Torosian, owner of the Bell Card Club in California, who sought to invent a new card game that combined the familiarity of poker with the strategy of the Chinese domino game Pai Gow. Torosian’s innovation was to use a standard deck of 52 cards plus a joker, which could function as an ace or complete a straight or flush. This novel game quickly spread from California to casinos across the United States and eventually around the globe, becoming a favorite among players looking for a less frenetic gambling experience.

Understanding the Gameplay

The objective of Pai Gow Poker is straightforward: to create two poker hands out of the seven cards dealt to each player – a five-card hand (“high hand” or “back hand”) and a two-card hand (“low hand” or “front hand”). The five-card hand must rank higher than the two-card hand. Players win by beating both the dealer’s high and low hands.

A game of Pai Gow Poker begins with up to six players making their bets. Each player, along with the dealer, receives seven cards facedown. Players then arrange their cards into the high and low hands. The key strategic element lies in how these hands are set, as players must balance the strength between the two to maximize their chances of winning or pushing (tying) the hand.

The joker adds a unique twist to Pai Gow Poker. Acting as a “wild” card, it can be used to complete a straight, flush, or straight flush; otherwise, it counts as an ace. This introduces additional strategy regarding how to best utilize the joker to create winning hands.

Betting and Winning

One of the appealing aspects of Pai Gow Poker is the frequent pushes, where neither the player nor the dealer wins, allowing players to play for extended periods without losing significant amounts of money. To win, both of a player’s hands must beat the dealer’s corresponding hands. If only one hand wins, the result is a push. If both of the dealer’s hands are higher, the player loses their bet. The house advantage comes from the fact that if both player and dealer hands are identical, the “copy” goes to the dealer.

Strategies for Pai Gow Poker

While Pai Gow Poker is less intense than other poker variations, strategic play can greatly affect the outcome. One fundamental strategy is the balanced distribution of strength between the high and low hands to avoid weakening one hand too much. Players should also pay attention to the house way, the method by which the dealer arranges their own hands, as understanding these rules can provide insights into setting one’s own hands effectively.

Advanced strategies involve reading the table and making judgments based on the dealer’s up-cards and other players’ actions, although the communal aspect of Pai Gow Poker often encourages players to share advice and strategies openly.

The Social and Cultural Appeal of Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is renowned for its social aspect. The game’s slow pace and frequent pushes encourage interaction among players, creating a congenial atmosphere rarely found in the high-stakes environment of casinos. Moreover, its blend of Eastern and Western gaming traditions offers a cultural bridge, inviting players to engage with a game that is both familiar and refreshingly new.


Pai Gow Poker represents the harmonious fusion of diverse gaming cultures, offering a unique and engaging experience that stands apart from the faster-paced casino games. Its strategic depth, combined with a relaxed tempo and the opportunity for social interaction, makes Pai Gow Poker a game that appeals to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a seasoned poker player looking for a new challenge or a casual gamer seeking a friendly table game, Pai Gow Poker offers a rich and rewarding experience that transcends the ordinary casino fare.