What Are Bingo Patterns

bingo patterns
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bingo patternsConventionally patterns in bingo were just horizontal and vertical lines and the infamous coverall also known as the blackout.  However, now things have changed and there are several hundreds of bingo patterns.

In most of the cards, the qualifying patterns are printed in the grids.  Some bingo halls allow the pattern to be anywhere in the cards and some prefer the pattern to be exact as marked in the card.

  • The standard bingo patterns also known as the static bingo patterns are those patterns that should be marked as given in the card.  The player will not qualify if the player spots the same pattern somewhere else in the card.
  • Crazy bingo patterns are where the pattern qualifies at the recommended angles of 90, 180, or 270 degrees.  This means that the prescribed pattern should be visible by rotating the card for better visibility.  It does not matter if you get an inverted pattern for as long as on viewing from another angle, the qualifying pattern appears.
  • Wild bingo patterns are those patterns that can be scattered anywhere in the card.  There is no need for the pattern to be marked exactly in a specific plot in the card or at an angle.  It is just that the pattern can be anywhere in the card for as long as it is the qualifying pattern.  The pattern is static, but it can be scattered anywhere in the card.

The variations of patterns are immense and they run to be several hundreds, ranging from alphabets, numbers, lines, shapes, patterns, wild combinations and many more.  However, the coverall pattern, which takes the longest call and the highest payout, is the most sought after for the interesting jackpot sum it provides one. It does not matter if you miss the jackpot, you will surely enjoy hunting the patterns in your cards.