Online Casino Superstitions

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Gambled ever on the thirteenth floor of a casino? Seen such a floor ever? Unlikely! Luck plays a major part of winning or losing in all online casino games. A lucky player can beat even the most seasoned player at any said online casino game be it poker, blackjack or any other game.

Over the years I have run into some incredibly hilarious superstitions like the time I saw a woman betting using a Ken doll. Every time the house won, she poked another needle into Ken. That’s casino voodoo for you! (By the way she did win big.)

What’s truly amazing though is that even though hundreds of superstitions exist, casino and online casino players believe they work.

For your entertainment, I have collected a few of these funny online casino superstitions:

1. Ever glimpsed pretty women standing besides gamblers at a casino? This is considered a sign of good luck.

2. Borrow money to gamble with and you cannot lose.

3. On the other hand, it’s bad luck to lend money to an online casino opponent.

4. You won’t lose if it’s the first time you are gambling.

5. Online casino players bring with them a lucky charm such as a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover, a coin with a hole in it or a lock of hair.

6. Touch your favorite card with your index card to improve your luck.

7. Sitting on a chair with your legs astride or sitting on a handkerchief are also considered good luck charms.

8. It’s bad luck to have a dog in the room.

9. It’s a bad omen if you receive the nine of diamonds or the four of clubs especially if it’s in the first hand.

10. Don’t pick up your cards with your left hand.

11. Don’t rub dice onto the head of a red-headed person.

12. Don’t play on a polished surface.

13. Ask for a new set of dice if the dice hits another casino player’s hand. This is what all casino players or casino dealers mean when they holler “watch the hands.”

14. If a roll is in progress, don’t ever place money on the casino craps table because if the dice hits it these casino players will have a strike of bad luck.

15. Want to get a hot streak? Heat up your coins using your hair dryer.

16. Avoid sitting at an empty table. If no other players are sitting at that casino table, it signifies that the cards are cold.

17. ‘Female Virgins’ are considered lucky. A woman who is shooting dice for the first time is considered lucky. But ‘Male Virgins’ are considered unlucky. So if you are a man and are new to dice, don’t mention it for others will shy away because you haven’t used the dice enough and thus they are cold.

18. Sprinkle some salt on the casino machines for good luck.

19. For luck toss a penny under the craps table. If heads, you’re in for a streak of luck, but if tails you’re in for some bad luck.

20. If the dice happens to roll off the table, then the next roll of this dice will be a seven. To prevent this ask the casino dealer to pick it up and hand over the dice to you.

21. Dirt brings luck. Wear dirty clothes and you will be lucky. Though this might not work as a lucky charm, I can guarantee you won’t have others playing anywhere near you.

Hilarious? Funny?
These aren’t suggestions to be adopted. None will guarantee luck. Remember don’t permit yourself to be overwhelmed by superstitions. Think rationally and stay cool and you increase your chances of winning. Best of Luck!!!