Keno Gaming Rules

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The rules of casino game, Keno is quite similar to the rules of lotto, the popular game of our childhood.The game Keno has originated from China and the people simply called it as Chinese lottery. That time, people were using this game for raising their funds to keep running the army of China for a long time.

Once upon a time, a majority of Chinese people have refused to make payments to the Chinese army in a regular manner by means of taxes. This ensured the need for the invention of keno. The main aim of the game is to bring in the wealth required for keeping strong the Chinese army, so that it would be able to beat its enemies. By the legends, the funds acquired through this game also utilized for constructing the Great Wall of China. Can you imagine any story like this for a game played in casinos?

Today, you can play keno at most of the casinos all around the world along with the following rules states below.

In online keno, you just simply have to select 1 to 15 numbers from the 80 numbers presented on the board.

After that, there must be drawn the random numbers to win.

Your objective must be to pick up the most possible drawn numbers.

You will be the winner of the jackpot, if you have become successful in picking 15 wining numbers. If there is some numbers with you which are less than the exact numbers, then also you have the opportunity to win some smaller prizes as same as in lottery.

If you do not want to pick 15 numbers, then you can pick only a single number or the numbers from 2 to 14. However, if you pick the 15 numbers, then jackpot can be of yours.

As like as lottery, online keno is a very bad casino game for playing concerning the casino house advantage. The game really makes good amounts of money for the casinos. The house edge here remains more than 20 to 30%. However, if anyone is a real fan of keno and lottery, then he should get something for his buck through this game. He should make himself sure about getting casino sign up bonus, which are helpful in leveling the house edge.