Abstain From Drinks In Casinos

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Did you ever think on why several casino companies provide with free drinks? Well, you thought it was to make you happy and gifted? Not really! Drinks essentially cloud your intelligence and in many cases can have you in to making the wrong decisions. When your thought patterns are not straight you are going to make the wrong decisions most of the time or in many cases your inner ego will show up there to prove that you are unbeatable.

Playing with the big EGO is bad in casinos. Money can always be lost with big ego. When you are drunk and if you see that you have made a big winning too fast for the day, you might not have the control to stop and go out for the day and enjoy, the day’s winnings, rather you will get to be greedy and you will start betting more and you will start playing more.

You will start drilling a bore in your wallet and eventually despite making the big wins you will come back home digging for pennies and worse of the kind will be to break your piggy back to pay for coffee the day next and that is bad.

The above scenario might be something of an exaggeration but in reality this really occurs. Whether you are a big money gambler or a small money player you got to pinch yourself and let know “No to drinking when you go to a casino.”

Gambling with your brain and math is important, the day you start dealing with intuition and luck you are going to loose. Even if you are intelligent, drinking can make you mad and insane in your decisions.