Extreme Strip Poker

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Extreme Strip poker is played with body stockings anyways and almost all the strips games are aired with a little decency where there seems to be blurs in the end.

A common confusion which occurs when you are playing extreme strip poker is that you might have to click on the cards you want to discard and not those cards which you want to play.

So, when you are playing extreme strip poker online, it is better you understand the proceeds and clicks employed in the software.

Before you play Extreme strip poker, just get through the rules of the poker variant you are playing on it for. Understand the applicable strategies. Some of such sites are sure to install in spyware and adware in your computer.

Your rare passion for extreme strip poker can get gifted with spyware and adware on your systems. Therefore, verify on whether you are really playing in a legit site and then play accordingly.

It is important that when you are playing extreme strip poker you got to plan the event with jovial friends and not with serious friends who have a list of not-to-do sins and there are many who consider strip and poker to be not-to-do sins.

If you can excuse yourself with the saying “it is a game after all” fine, go ahead as long as you are not guilty of what you are doing. Don’t be foolish enough to play over and over again, if you sense that you are losing. Like in any other poker games, if you are losing, stop for a while refresh and then start fresh. When you play extreme strip poker

you need to have real emotional control and have your marbles in place. And don’t loose too much of your money just to see through the body stockings, because that is never going to happen.

Play the rules with all your intelligence. Stop when you are losing more. It is just okay for rare little fun.