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Online casino segment has undergone a sea change over the years. Though, it is not a very old business segment the speed of changes has been phenomenal. Currently the focus is increasingly being put on retention of players and not just acquisition of new players alone. The online casinos have started showing the signal of stability, whereby the retention factor has been prioritized. Any business segment envisages the need of repeat order from the same customer as customer acquisition has become an increasingly difficult task because of tough competition and global economy.

The global competition that has rocked most of the business world could not spread its far reaching tentacles in the online casino segment. People have been looking for newer options for entertainment and online casino has been proved to be one of the most entertaining media with unlimited earning potential. Experts attribute this to the superior games and tremendous efforts for security and safety, exhibited by most of the online casinos.

Emergence of huge online casinos with large scale investment has made the online casino world highly competitive. The inevitable result is that the online casinos have started wooing the online casino players as they have got an array of options before them to exercise upon. This is indeed true that most of the casino players look for the most trusted and respected casino for their betting requirement and security plays the pivotal role for each player.

Most of the online casinos display a jazzy profile to claim the most successful track record. The list of winners is displayed even on the home page to express their interest towards transparency. The progressive jackpots also sparkle on the home page and most of the online casinos have started offering multiple jackpots today to enhance the chance for its players. Casino bonuses are announced very frequently. The radical change is noticed that online casinos have started focusing on other bonuses also instead of focusing on sign up bonuses only. Even the sign up bonus is found to be split in several deposits for the convenience of the casino players.