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Share on Social have been in the bingo business since 1999. The site has paid out over £40 million in prizes in that time. is, as the name would suggest, a very bingo focused site. There are some slot machine games available for those who wish to take a break from the bingo side of things, however.

New users get a 101% deposit bonus, and if you take the time to build a profile you can get an extra 5% bonus on all future deposits. There are also bonuses for referring friends, special seasonal bonuses, and a VIP program where the most frequent players can get cash back at the end of the month.

The site has a quite simple design, which is very clean and attractive. Unlike many bingo sites, you do not need to install a client to play – the play takes place entirely in your browser. There are several game rooms and types to choose form, and as well as the standard prizes for completed lines there is a jackpot prize available for a full house within a set number of calls.

The games have an auto-daub option, which is useful for people playing a large number of strips. You can also choose to daub the tickets yourself. Buying tickets is very easy, and you can buy in sets, or just buy the maximum allowed for the game, all in a few mouse clicks. The price of a strip starts quite low, at 10 pence per strip for some of the cheaper games.

There are chat rooms within the games, and each room is moderated. The chat rooms are usually quite busy, and friendly, but the pace of the chat rooms is quite fast, with conversation rarely getting a chance to progress beyond greeting new players and congratulating winners of each game. The chat moves very quickly, and there is a lot of chat terminology used. Most people are happy to explain if you do not understand something that was said, but it is a good idea for new users to read a simple ‘chat acronyms’ guide before joining, as it will help them understand and get a feel for the room much more quickly.

Several payment methods are supported, including common credit and debit cards, NeTeller, and Click and Buy. Support is easily available, with telephone numbers offered for users from several different countries.

If you are looking for a bingo site which does not need a client installed, and that is focused on bingo, without any extra fluff, then is the ideal site. Those who want more game variety, or a stronger community, may prefer to look elsewhere.