Martin de Knijff

Martin de Knijff
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Martin de KnijffMartin de Knijff Profile

Martin de Knijff was born on 2nd October, 1972 and a native of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is a professional sports bettor mainly on soccer and his style is high-stakes in poker playing. He gets his last name from his Dutch father. His mother is a Swedish. His nickname is The Knife. When Martin was 5, he moved with his family to Falkenberg.
In 1992, Martin left to Stockholm and later onto Las Vegas where he got settled and lives till now.

He started playing poker with his grandmother and won candies instead of chips. He was a successful player of bridge game. Since the age of 15, Martin has been playing poker mostly the 5-card. Once he played Omaha and Hold-Em his curiosity and interest in these games grew in the ongoing days.

At the age of 21, he received the Bridge life master status in Sweden. He was the youngest player to receive this. He felt the book written by Doyle Brunson, Super System on poker to be the best book ever written on poker.
Martin’s name was first heard in the poker world when he finished 13th in the 2002 World series of Poker main Event winning $60,000 for himself.

He finished 15th in the World Poker Tour series 1 championship winning an amount of $2,728,356. It was record breaking win of that time.

Within a month after the championship, he won the 2nd place in the $5,000 No Limit Hold-Em event in 2004 World Series of Poker. In the year 2005, he wrote an article for the Card Player Magazine and paved for the tournament backers to speak about themselves.

It was welcomed by most of the poker players though it faced criticisms from all over the professionals.
In the year 2008 alone, the total winnings of the live tournaments exceed $3,300,000. Apart from poker, he enjoys playing golf as it has been the next best favorite game. He owns a poker club in Stockholm.