Women In Poker And Untouched Records

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Poker is no more a man’s game, women are in and exploding with their big number winnings.

Women are until now making up for only 2% of the provided live tournament field, but the numbers are slowly growing, specifically in money games and in the online poker games, when gives them the comfort of staying at home, but still being able to face the whole big picture of the poker world.

A statistical study about the top ten female live tournament money makers revealed that this list is until now dominated only that first generation of extraordinary women players and some of the poker’s newer faces yet to gear their way to winning.

  • Annette Obrestad is ranked #2
  • Trio of Vicky Coren ranked #11
  • Vanessa Rousso ranked #12
  • Anna Wroblewski ranked #1

However, the new faces are just out of the top 10 list and it is expected that they will make it to the top list very soon.

The top ten list for the best ladies champion players was marked by:

  • Kathy Liebert ($4,970,289)
  • Annie Duke ($3,630,164)
  • Annette Obrestad ($2,635,212)
  • Jennifer Harman ($2,216,287)
  • Clonie Gowen ($1,639,064)
  • Joanne “J.J.” Liu ($1,965,047)
  • Mimi Tran ($1,460,342)
  • Barbara Enright ($1,309,080)
  • Lucy Rokach ($1,285,417)
  • Cyndy Violette ($1,262,309)

For a capable woman, the world of poker has lot of records which are yet untouched. We are going to face a new era of lot more women champions.