WinnaVegas Casino Closes Due to Surging Floodwaters in Midwest

WinnaVegas Casino closing due to surging floodwaters in the Midwest
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WinnaVegas Casino Resort in Sloan, Iowa, closed at 10 a.m. today, June 25th, as a precautionary measure due to widespread flooding across the American Midwest. “The safety of our associates and our guests is paramount,” stated WinnaVegas GM Tom Teesdale in a news release. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the rising floodwaters. Our hope is that all of Siouxland quickly recovers.”

Flooding Impact and Safety Measures

Although the casino itself was not yet affected at the time of the closure, WinnaVegas officials informed KTIV-TV/Sioux City that the entrance road was partially flooded and water levels were expected to rise further.

First responders and authorities were on the scene to assist in safely evacuating customers and employees, according to KCAU-TV/Sioux City.

Midwest Flooding Overview

Severe storms have dumped as much as 18 inches of rain on the region since last Thursday, affecting approximately 3 million people across the Midwest. The flooding has resulted in two fatalities, caused water to surge around a dam, and led to the collapse of a railroad bridge crossing the swollen Big Sioux River, located about 20 miles from WinnaVegas.

One of the reported fatalities involved an Illinois man who attempted to bypass a flood barricade in Spencer, Iowa. His truck was swept away by the surging Little Sioux River, as reported by KTIV.

Casino Operations and Historical Context

WinnaVegas, which was opened in April 1992 by the Winnebago Tribe, announced on its Facebook page that it would “reopen when it is safe to return.” The decision to close the casino highlights the importance of prioritizing safety over business operations in the face of natural disasters.


The closure of WinnaVegas Casino Resort underscores the severe impact of the ongoing Midwest flooding and the importance of safety precautions in such circumstances. As the region continues to deal with the aftermath of the heavy rains, the focus remains on the well-being of residents and the swift recovery of affected areas.