Vancouver to Expand Gambling Options at Two Key Venues

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Vancouver City Council has approved a significant amendment to diversify gambling options at the city’s two land-based gaming venues. This change comes in response to requests from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to adapt provincial gambling policies to include a broader range of table games and slot machines.

Background and Rationale

The BCLC’s push for this amendment is grounded in their belief that both facilities have the capacity for increased operations. They emphasize that expanding gaming options would not only enhance the entertainment offerings but also significantly boost revenue for the city and local communities. This potential influx of revenue is particularly compelling as it can support various public services and community projects.

Policy Review and Council Decision

The decision to amend the current restrictions follows a detailed analysis by the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Priorities. This committee reviewed several proposals from a staff report, including the recommendation to lift the 2011 moratorium that prohibits applications to expand gaming at land-based venues. The staff report’s analysis highlighted the potential economic benefits and the feasibility of safely expanding gaming operations.

On May 9, BCLC confirmed to Canadian Gaming Business that the council voted in favor of allowing staff to receive applications to “substantially change the extent of lottery schemes” at existing gaming facilities. This move aligns with the report’s recommendations and reflects a strategic shift in Vancouver’s approach to gaming regulation.

Implications of the Amendment

As a result of this vote, Section 18 (1) of the Gaming Control Act will be revised. This revision will require the casinos to provide comprehensive assessments of the health, safety, and economic impacts of their proposals. These assessments are crucial to ensuring that any expansion does not adversely affect the community and adheres to public health standards.

The BCLC has assured that it will maintain close collaboration with the City of Vancouver and other stakeholders, including government bodies and public health officials, to ensure any potential proposals for gambling expansion are thoroughly vetted and responsibly implemented.

Ongoing Restrictions and Future Prospects

While this amendment opens the door for significant changes at the existing facilities, the 2011 moratorium still applies to any new gambling venues within the city’s jurisdiction. This means that no new applications for additional gaming facilities will be considered, maintaining a controlled expansion within the already established venues.

Economic and Community Impact

The anticipated economic benefits of this policy change are substantial. Increased gaming operations are expected to draw more visitors, thereby boosting local businesses and tourism. This, in turn, could lead to job creation and increased tax revenues, which can be reinvested into the community.

However, the potential for increased gambling activities also raises concerns about problem gambling and its associated social costs. To address these concerns, the BCLC and the City of Vancouver have committed to implementing robust measures to promote responsible gambling. These measures include providing resources for gambling addiction support and ensuring that any expansion does not compromise public health.

Community and Stakeholder Reactions

Reactions to the council’s decision have been mixed. Some community members and business leaders have welcomed the move, citing the economic opportunities and increased entertainment options it will bring. They argue that a well-regulated expansion can drive growth and development in the city.

On the other hand, some public health advocates and concerned citizens have expressed reservations. They worry about the potential social impacts, particularly on vulnerable populations. These stakeholders are calling for stringent regulations and continuous monitoring to mitigate any negative effects.

Moving Forward

As the BCLC and the City of Vancouver move forward with this policy change, the focus will be on ensuring that any expansion is done responsibly and transparently. The requirement for detailed impact assessments and ongoing collaboration with public health officials are positive steps in this direction.

This amendment represents a strategic effort to balance economic growth with social responsibility. By carefully managing the expansion of gaming options, Vancouver aims to enhance its entertainment landscape while safeguarding the well-being of its residents.


Vancouver’s decision to diversify gambling options at its two key gaming venues marks a significant shift in the city’s approach to gaming regulation. With careful planning and robust oversight, this policy change has the potential to bring substantial economic benefits to the city and its communities, while addressing the challenges associated with increased gambling activities. As the city navigates this new landscape, the collaboration between BCLC, city officials, and public health stakeholders will be crucial in ensuring a balanced and responsible expansion.