The Mohegan Tribe Concludes Stewardship of Resorts Casino, Marking a New Chapter for Atlantic City

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The Mohegan Tribe is set to relinquish control of the iconic Resorts Casino by the end of the current year. This decision caps off a transformative period initiated in 2012, following the passing of Dennis Gomes, Resorts’ co-owner and a luminary in the gambling sector. Gomes’ departure left the casino at a crossroads, necessitating a partnership that would steer it through the increasingly competitive northeastern U.S. casino circuit.

The alliance with Mohegan Gaming Advisors, an extension of the tribe’s gambling operations known for their acumen in managing establishments in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and beyond, was a strategic move. Resorts Casino, a trailblazer since 1978 as the first U.S. casino outside Nevada, found in Mohegan a partner that could infuse it with the requisite expertise and direction amidst a tumultuous phase.

The collaboration bore fruit, with Mohegan not only stabilizing but also propelling Resorts into a new era of prosperity. Under this partnership, Resorts emerged as the first Atlantic City casino under Native American management, symbolizing a historical milestone. Mohegan’s stewardship was characterized by notable achievements, including the integration of a DraftKings sportsbook and the expansion into digital realms through Resorts Digital. The latter venture alone generated over $822 million in revenue last year, showcasing a remarkable over 50% growth from the previous year.

Resorts Casino’s evolution under Mohegan’s guidance is evident in its financial ascent, from $130.8 million in gambling revenue in 2012 to $163 million in the last fiscal year. This growth narrative underscores Mohegan’s role in not just rescuing but significantly enhancing Resorts’ market position through strategic diversifications and partnerships.

As this chapter closes with Mohegan’s exit, Resorts stands on the verge of a new dawn. Morris Bailey, Resorts’ proprietor, acknowledges Mohegan’s critical role during a challenging juncture and expresses confidence in the casino’s future trajectory. The management baton may be passing back, but the legacy of Mohegan’s tenure—a robust management team and a fortified operational framework—remains intact, promising continuity and stability.

Looking ahead, Resorts Casino is gearing up to operate independently, with plans to introduce fresh marketing strategies while continuing to build on the foundation laid over the past decade. The impending cessation of cross-marketing endeavors with Mohegan presents an opportunity for Resorts to carve its distinct identity further, leveraging the legacy and momentum cultivated during this partnership.

This strategic shift is not just a significant milestone for Resorts Casino but also reflects the broader dynamics of Atlantic City’s gambling industry, characterized by adaptation, resilience, and innovation. The Mohegan Tribe’s departure symbolizes the end of an era and the beginning of another, as Resorts Casino navigates the future with a blend of established prowess and newfound autonomy.

As Atlantic City continues to evolve, the narrative of Resorts Casino encapsulates the essence of the gambling industry’s journey—marked by partnerships, transitions, and an unwavering quest for growth and sustainability. This development heralds a renewed vision for Resorts, as it embraces the challenges and opportunities of the future, fortified by a legacy of resilience and innovation.