Poker Stars Americas Cup Of Poker Won By Brazil

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Americas Cup Of Poker organized by Poker Stars was won by Brazil and not by America. Gone are the days, where poker was attributed to be the game of just the Americans.

USA is considered to be the birth place of Poker. With Americans being great lovers of games of chance and skill, poker was considered to be the game adored by Americans; however, today, people from all over the world are playing poker. After the coming of the internet poker games, it is seen as a game of the world rather than getting to be known as the game of America

Despite the globalization of poker gaming, Poker Stars ventured in to providing with the Americas Cup Of Poker. The idea behind the theme was to decide on which country situated in the Americas, be it the north, south, east or west is going to prove their claim on poker being their game.

It should be noted that Americas does not denote just the United States of America, rather it consists of all the countries that are located in the lands that is situated in the Western hemisphere of the World. All the islands, regions associated with North and South American continents are known as the Americas.

The Americas Cup Of Poker was therefore organized between players from all of the countries in the American continents and associated islands.

Bariloche and Argentina returned home after competing in the first few rounds. The semi-finals were a competition between the final 4 teams. They were betting on their skill for the $100,000 first prize.

There was a tie between Team Canada and Team Argentina in the first match up between the teams consisting of 6 heads up matches. Argentina moved to the finals. After a match between Brazil and Costa Rica, Brazil made it to the finals.

Eventually, the honor of the competition was awarded to Brazil situated in the American continent. Either way, the Americas cup has been bagged by Brazil which is one of the nations situated in the Americas situated in the Western Hemisphere.