New Details Emerge in Grisly Escort Murder at Palms Las Vegas

new details emerging in the grisly escort murder at Palms Las Vegas
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New Details Emerge in Grisly Escort Murder at Palms Las Vegas

In a disturbing update to the recent tragedy at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, new details have surfaced regarding the brutal assault and subsequent death of a female escort. The victim, identified as 30-year-old Larissa Garcia, was known to work under the aliases “Andrea” and “Dallas.” Garcia, a mother of two and a student striving to improve her circumstances, met a horrific fate on June 12, leading to her death on June 21.

The Incident

According to Las Vegas police, Jason Kendall, 35, dialed 911 on June 12, reporting that Garcia was overdosing in their hotel room. When Palms security arrived, they found Garcia unconscious with a severe laceration on her jaw. Despite initial assumptions of an overdose, medical professionals at Spring Valley Hospital found no drugs or alcohol in her system. A nurse’s observation suggested Garcia had been “possibly suffocated.”

The Confession

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Kendall had confessed to the crime. The police report details that Kendall admitted to paying Garcia $2,000 before assaulting and strangling her. When Garcia asked for more money, Kendall claimed he “snapped.” He admitted to hitting her in the face, choking her for ten minutes, and then sexually assaulting her.

“He hit her in the face and choked her for 10 minutes,” the police report stated, adding, “then had sex with her.”

Background of the Suspect

Kendall is reported to be an Army veteran, though it remains unclear whether he was ever deployed. This detail adds a complex layer to the case, as it raises questions about his mental state and possible past trauma.

Legal Proceedings

Kendall turned himself in at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters on Friday, June 23. He has been charged with open murder, sexual assault, and battery by strangulation to commit sexual assault. During his initial court appearance on Saturday, Kendall was ordered to be held without bail. His next court date is scheduled for Tuesday, July 4.

Community Reaction and Victim Background

Larissa Garcia’s death has sent shockwaves through the community. Known for her efforts to provide for her children while pursuing an education, Garcia’s life was tragically cut short. Friends and family described her as a loving mother and a determined individual who was working hard to better her life and provide a stable future for her children.

Ongoing Investigation

Las Vegas police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Garcia’s death. The case has highlighted the dangers faced by individuals working in the escort industry and has brought renewed attention to issues of violence against women.

Implications and Awareness

This tragic incident underscores the importance of safety and protection for vulnerable individuals in high-risk professions. It also raises awareness about the need for stricter regulations and support systems for those in the escort industry.

As the investigation continues and more details emerge, the Las Vegas community is left grappling with the brutal reality of Garcia’s murder. Her family and friends now seek justice and hope that Garcia’s story will bring about positive change to prevent such tragedies in the future.


The horrific murder of Larissa Garcia at the Palms Casino Resort serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by those in vulnerable positions. As Jason Kendall awaits trial, the case continues to develop, shedding light on the pressing need for protective measures and justice for victims of such heinous crimes. Garcia’s legacy as a dedicated mother and student striving for a better life will not be forgotten, and her story serves as a catalyst for change and awareness in the community.