Nas Partners with Resorts World for a $5 Billion Expansion in Queens, Elevating New York’s Casino Scene

nas Resorts World Casino
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In a groundbreaking move poised to redefine New York City’s entertainment and economic landscape, Resorts World Casino New York City has announced an ambitious $5 billion expansion plan. This expansion is not just about transforming the establishment into a full-scale Las Vegas-style casino; it’s a collaboration with Queens’ own rap icon, Nas, aimed at revitalizing the Jamaica neighborhood and setting a new standard for luxury and entertainment in the borough.

The announcement, made at the Southeast Queens casino, marks a promising future for New York City’s borough, projecting the construction of one of the globe’s largest casinos, sprawling over 350,000 square feet. This expansion is envisioned to integrate seamlessly into the fabric of Jamaica, Queens, enhancing the local community while promising an array of new amenities and job opportunities.

Among the highlights of this expansive project are the addition of 1,600 new hotel rooms adjoining the existing Hyatt Regency at JFK Airport, the construction of a 7,000-seat entertainment venue, a state-of-the-art dance club, and a luxurious spa. Genting America East, the powerhouse behind Resorts World, also commits to developing 3,000 employee housing units and dedicating 10 acres to a new community park. This development comes alongside improved transportation links to John F. Kennedy Airport, signaling a comprehensive upgrade to the area’s infrastructure and livability.

This expansion signifies more than a physical transformation; it’s a collaborative effort with Nas, a Queens native and hip-hop luminary, underscoring the project’s cultural and social ethos. Nas, who attended the announcement, voiced his enthusiasm for the initiative on Instagram, highlighting its potential to create new opportunities for local families, attract top-tier talent, and nurture future leaders. “This is an ambitious project that will give new opportunities to the hard-working families who call Queens home, attract top-tier talent and build up the next generation of leaders. Clearly, with this project, the world is ours,” Nas remarked, encapsulating the optimistic spirit of the venture.

The collaboration between Resorts World and Nas isn’t just a nod to local celebrity endorsement; it’s a strategic play to secure one of the three coveted $500 million downstate casino licenses available in New York. Transitioning from its current “race-ino” status, which limits operations to racing and slot machines, to a comprehensive Las Vegas-style casino hinges on acquiring these licenses. The local community board has expressed unwavering support for the initiative, citing Resorts World’s longstanding commitment to the community and its responsive and beneficial presence since its 2011 inauguration.

The support from Queens Community Board 10 mirrors the broader anticipation and support from the local community and stakeholders. Betty Braton, chair of Queens Community Board 10, praised Resorts World’s consistent engagement and support for the community, expressing confidence in the project’s vision for the future.

As Resorts World and Nas gear up to navigate the competitive landscape for a casino license, they face formidable contenders, including SL Green Realty’s proposed Times Square casino and Ceasar’s Entertainment’s partnership with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Yet, the backing from the local board and the community positions them favorably as the New York Gaming Commission deliberates on license allocations.

Nas’s involvement in this project is a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to cultural and economic development. Known for his ventures in QueensBridge Venture Partners, Escobar Cigars, Mass Appeal, and more, Nas stands not just as a hip-hop legend but as a visionary cultural entrepreneur reshaping the landscape of entertainment and community development.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Resorts World Casino and Nas for the $5 billion expansion in Queens is more than an infrastructure project; it’s a blueprint for future entertainment, economic revitalization, and community empowerment in New York City. As this ambitious venture unfolds, it promises to redefine luxury entertainment and community synergy, marking a significant milestone in New York’s journey towards becoming a global entertainment hub.