Major Expansion Announced for Las Vegas Strip with New $4.5 Billion Casino Resort

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Las Vegas, NV — In a bold move signaling robust confidence in the future of Nevada’s gaming and hospitality industry, renowned developer Prestige Global International announced plans to launch a $4.5 billion casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, set to break ground in early 2024. This development, heralded as a landmark project, aims to reshape the skyline of Las Vegas and infuse new energy into the legendary gambling and entertainment sector.

Slated for completion by 2027, the new resort, named ‘The Odyssey’, will occupy a 30-acre site currently housing the aging Elara Hotel. The Odyssey is envisioned as a cutting-edge facility featuring a 3,500-room luxury hotel, a dynamic gaming floor, an exclusive shopping mall, a state-of-the-art convention center, and a cultural hub with a modern art museum and an opera house.

“The launch of The Odyssey represents not just an investment in Las Vegas but a strong belief in the enduring appeal of Nevada as the world’s premier destination for entertainment and gaming,” said Charles Rivkin, CEO of Prestige Global International. Rivkin emphasized that The Odyssey would incorporate sustainable building practices and the latest in digital and smart technology to enhance the guest experience.

The announcement has already stirred significant attention in the gaming and tourism industry, with experts predicting that The Odyssey could redefine destination resorts. “This project is about visionary bravery,” explained Helen Zhou, a leading industry analyst at MarketVista. “Prestige Global is setting a new benchmark for what a resort can offer to both casual visitors and the global jet-setter.”

Economically, The Odyssey is anticipated to create over 10,000 jobs during construction, with an additional 5,000 permanent jobs post-opening. According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, this could catalyze employment growth in the region, where the tourism and hospitality sector is still bouncing back from the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state’s Governor, Laura Henderson, applauded the initiative for its potential economic impact and its commitment to sustainable development. “The Odyssey project aligns with our goals for economic diversification and sustainable growth in Nevada. It’s a strong signal to the world that Las Ever the top tourism and business destination,” stated Governor Henderson during a press conference announcing the development.

In response to concerns about the potential impact of new developments on problem gambling, Prestige Global International has pledged to implement a comprehensive responsible gambling program. The initiative will include staff training, self-exclusion tools, and on-site support services for guests.

Local business owners on the Strip are optimistic about the ripple effects of The Odyssey. “New developments like this bring more visitors, who are not just gamblers but also shoppers, diners, and culture seekers,” said Maria Li, owner of a nearby boutique hotel. “It’s an opportunity for all of us to elevate our services and offerings.”

With the global gaming market poised for significant growth, particularly in the integrated resort segment, developments like The Odyssey are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of tourism and leisure industries. As Las Vegas continues to evolve, it remains at the forefront of offering world-class entertainment and hospitality experiences, now pushing further into the realms of luxury and innovation.

This announcement comes at a time when Las Vegas has been witnessing a surge in redevelopment and expansion activities, with several older properties undergoing renovations and new players entering the market. The city is gearing up for a new era of growth, focusing on diversification and sustainability that could set new trends in the global gaming and tourism industry for decades to come.