Las Vegas Strip Casino Sued Over Car Theft from Valet

Las Vegas Strip casino being sued over a car
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A California couple’s weekend getaway turned into a nightmare when their car was stolen from the valet at Paris Las Vegas. On Friday, June 24, 2022, the couple handed their car keys to a valet attendant, expecting a relaxing weekend. However, by Saturday morning, Jennifer Marquecho discovered that her Range Rover had been checked out by someone else the previous night using a stolen ticket.

Details of the Incident

Jennifer Marquecho returned to the valet on Saturday morning to retrieve her Range Rover, only to find it missing. An investigation revealed that the car had been checked out at 11:13 p.m. on Friday by an individual who had stolen the valet ticket from her hotel room. The stolen vehicle was later located near Boulder Station Hotel and Casino using a tracking app. Although the license plate had been replaced with a fake one, the car was undamaged. However, personal documents and the keys to her house were missing.

Marquecho reported the incident to the police, who took a report but indicated no arrests would be made since the car was not involved in a crime.

The Lawsuit

Marquecho is now suing Paris Las Vegas for gross negligence. Filed in Clark County District Court on June 20, the lawsuit alleges that the Caesars Entertainment property acted negligently by failing to verify the identity of the individual claiming the car.

“I just wish something could be done, so this doesn’t happen to anybody else because I would hate for them to live this nightmare,” Marquecho told KLAS-TV/Las Vegas. “I feel violated.”

The lawsuit seeks relief for damages and payment for attorney fees incurred. If the court sides with Marquecho, it could lead to significant changes in how Strip properties handle valet services, potentially including mandatory ID verification for retrieving vehicles.

Potential Implications

This case highlights the importance of security in valet operations and could set a precedent for stricter verification processes. Valet services at major hotels and casinos may need to implement additional security measures to prevent similar incidents. Requiring ID verification to check out cars could become a standard practice, ensuring that vehicles are only released to their rightful owners.


The lawsuit against Paris Las Vegas over the theft of Jennifer Marquecho’s car from the valet underscores the need for improved security measures in valet services. As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome could lead to significant changes in how valet operations are conducted on the Las Vegas Strip, enhancing protection for guests and their vehicles.