Hungarians – Playing Poker To Make Ends Meet

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“Playing Poker To Make Ends Meet” was ideally a wrong attitude and time and again players have been warned of the risks of taking up poker games for living. However, with recession round the globe, Hungarians seem to have developed a knack for poker. A few of them are already making their living out of poker.

In February 2009, Peter Traply graduated from college and he is seen minting hell a lot of money out of poker. There are no signs or symptoms that this player will stop playing poker any more. He is lot like a Tiger that has tasted blood. He has made nearly $531,900 by playing poker tables both live and online. There are several others round in the nation trying to follow his foot steps.

As the chances of getting a new job is getting to be rare more and more players are trying to take up poker playing as a mode of making their living. Per statistical reports at least 2% of the fresh graduates are trying to start up with poker.

When one is playing poker online they can start up with just a couple of hundred dollars and when they play with the skill factor, within a couple of years there are chances for them to be making up to $10,000 per month. Notably the average monthly income of Hungarians is just $640.

Peter Traply made $132,000 in two days in a marathon poker session of online poker. Regardless of the risk of losing in online poker games, the unemployment issues is forcing several of them to risk the playing to eventually make some money out of it. Notably, several of the players making money with poker are not paying their taxes.

Poker is continuing to grow offline and online continuously in several countries including Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.

“This growth is unstoppable,” remarked Gyorgy Korda who is a famous singer in Hungary. He is lot known for his poker broadcasts like he is known for his crooning. Gyorgy Korda has played a major role in making poker wildly famous around in Hungary.