Howie Mandel Finds Wife in Pool of Blood After Vegas Cannabis Misadventure

Howie Mandel finding his wife in a pool of blood
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Howie Mandel shared a harrowing story of finding his wife, Terry Mandel, lying in a pool of blood following a cannabis-related fall during a recent trip to Las Vegas. The comedian and “America’s Got Talent” co-host revealed the details of the incident to TMZ and provided a fuller account on “Live with Kelly and Mark.”

The Incident

During a February stay at Fontainebleau Las Vegas, Terry Mandel took one too many cannabis gummies and went to bed. Later in the night, she got up and accidentally fell, hitting the wall of their hotel room. Mandel recounted the moment on “Live with Kelly and Mark,” though he omitted the part about the cannabis edibles.

“We partied,” Mandel told the morning show. “It was too much, and [Terry] was tipsy. I did not know that … and she fell and hit the wainscoting. She hit that as she went down. She slipped, went down, hit that on her eye, then fell on the floor, and broke her cheek.”

Discovery and Immediate Reaction

The noise of the fall woke Mandel, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and has a general fear of bad things happening. When he turned on the light, he was horrified to see his wife’s condition.

“You could actually see her skull,” Mandel said. “It opened up. I freaked out.”

Mandel showed the audience a photo of Terry’s face, revealing severe bruising and lacerations to her forehead and eye.

“I picked her up, I put her on the bed,” Mandel continued. “There’s blood everywhere. I went and grabbed all the towels, and all the towels are covered with blood. And she’s going ‘Get me ice, get me ice.’ I don’t know where to get ice!”

Help Arrives

Mandel called hotel security, asking them to call 911, but they insisted on coming to the room first. Security arrived almost immediately, but for some reason, 911 was not called. Mandel ended up driving Terry to the hospital, where she complained about not being able to see out of her left eye.

“The doctor says, ‘Just take the sheet off your face,’” Mandel recounted.

A Happy Ending

Fortunately, Terry’s injuries, though severe, did not leave lasting scars. “She is absolutely perfect,” Mandel said. “There is not a scar. She is beautiful.”


The terrifying incident involving Howie Mandel’s wife, Terry, serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of overconsumption of cannabis edibles. Despite the initial trauma, the story ends on a positive note, with Terry fully recovering without any lasting scars. Mandel’s candid recounting of the event highlights the importance of being cautious with substances and the value of quick medical attention in emergencies.