Groundbreaking Expansion: Las Vegas Sands to Launch a Revolutionary $3 Billion Casino Resort in New York

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Las Vegas, March 27, 2023 – In a bold stride that promises to reshape the landscape of entertainment and gaming, Las Vegas Sands Corp. announced today its plans to erect a groundbreaking $3 billion luxury casino resort in New York City. Slated for completion in 2029, the project aims to merge world-class gaming with upscale amenities, setting a new benchmark for luxury and innovation in the industry.

The planned development, to be located in Manhattan, marks a historic move for the company, which has primarily concentrated its operations in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore. This expansion into the Eastern U.S. market is seen as a strategic step to tap into the burgeoning demand for high-end gaming experiences in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

A New Era of Luxury Gaming

The new facility, tentatively named “The Sands Manhattan,” will cover over 2 million square feet and feature a casino with more than 1,000 slot machines and 140 gaming tables, a 400-room five-star hotel, a luxury spa, several gourmet restaurants, and a state-of-the-art convention center. Additionally, the resort will include a live entertainment venue, which aims to host Broadway shows and live concerts, enhancing New York City’s rich cultural tapestry.

Robert Goldstein, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, expressed enthusiasm about the project during the press conference held at the company’s headquarters. “This isn’t just a casino. It’s a cultural and entertainment hub that will bring new energy to New York City,” Goldstein stated. “With The Sands Manhattan, we are not just investing in a building but are weaving a new thread into the fabric of New York.”

Economic and Social Prospects

The Sands Manhattan is expected to generate substantial economic benefits for the region. Projections suggest the creation of approximately 4,000 construction jobs and another 8,000 permanent positions once the resort is operational. Moreover, local businesses are anticipated to witness a boost from the increased tourist influx.

However, the development has stirred some controversy among community groups and local politicians, who express concerns over potential social issues related to gambling. In response, Las Vegas Sands has committed to a comprehensive corporate responsibility plan that includes funding for gambling addiction education and treatment programs, as well as partnerships with local businesses to ensure the community benefits directly from the resort.

A Strategic Move Amid Changing Regulations

The announcement comes at a pivotal moment, as New York State recently passed legislation expanding the licensing for new casinos across the state, aiming to increase state revenue and stimulate economic activity post-pandemic. The Sands Manhattan is among the first major projects announced following this legislative change.

Industry experts view Las Vegas Sands’ move as a bold yet calculated risk. “Entering the New York market is no small feat, given the high costs and complex regulatory environment,” noted Helena Wiseman, a leading gaming industry analyst. “However, the potential payoff is enormous. This project could set a new standard for the U.S. casino industry.”

Looking Forward

As construction is set to commence in early 2024, all eyes will be on The Sands Manhattan and its impact on the New York economy and the broader U.S. gaming market. With its promise of luxury, culture, and entertainment, Las Vegas Sands may well be on its way to striking gold in the heart of Manhattan, transforming the face of gaming and entertainment in the region.

In the coming months, further details about the project and its features will be eagerly anticipated by both potential patrons and industry stakeholders. As Las Vegas Sands forges ahead with its vision, The Sands Manhattan could indeed become a beacon of the new era in the global casino and entertainment industry.

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