Experience the Sphere: Las Vegas Venue Adds Audio for July 4 Celebration

Las Vegas Sphere venue preparing for a July 4 celebration
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Starting July 4, the first anniversary of the illumination of the world’s most famous outdoor video screen, visitors to Las Vegas will not only see but also hear the Sphere. The “Sphere Fourth of July Celebration” will introduce six acts of new Exosphere visuals accompanied by XO Audio. According to a Sphere press release, XO Audio is “sound curated exclusively by Sphere Studios, synced to the movement of imagery on the Exosphere.”

“We’ve only scratched the surface of what Sphere is capable of both creatively and technologically,” said Jim Dolan, executive chair and CEO of Sphere Entertainment, in the release. “Now, with the addition of XO Audio and XO Stream, we are building on our commitment to immersive experiences that create a deeper multi-sensory connection — one that can be shared across the Las Vegas community and around the world.”

XO Stream, the official 24/7 livestream of the Exosphere, will also debut on Independence Day.

The Impact of the Exosphere

The Exosphere, the world’s largest digital display, has dramatically reshaped the Las Vegas skyline. It’s influenced airline passengers to choose seats for optimal viewing and even spurred a controversial ordinance forbidding stopping along pedestrian bridges spanning the Las Vegas Strip. Tourists frequently stop on these bridges to capture selfies with the Sphere’s dynamic graphics.

Addressing Audio Challenges

Neither Dolan nor Sphere officials have explained how XO Audio will project sound without violating Clark County noise ordinances. The challenge lies in ensuring the audio can be heard without interfering with the optimal viewing experience, which requires some distance from the Sphere. The Exosphere, standing 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide, is best viewed from at least a quarter mile away. This distance complicates the projection of clear audio, especially since images cannot be seen clearly from directly beneath the Sphere.

Historical Context and Comparisons

Las Vegas has a history of audio controversies related to its iconic signs. In 1968, city commissioners instructed the Pioneer Club to silence Vegas Vic. The neon cowboy had been greeting passersby with a loud “Howdy, Podner!” since 1951, much to the annoyance of guests trying to sleep in nearby hotels. Contrary to myth, actor Lee Marvin did not break Vic’s voicebox by shooting an arrow through it.

A New Era for the Sphere

With the debut of XO Audio and XO Stream, the Sphere aims to create an even more immersive experience. The July 4 celebration marks a significant step in enhancing the multi-sensory appeal of this iconic Las Vegas venue. As visitors flock to the city for the festivities, the Sphere’s new capabilities promise to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience.


The addition of exterior audio to the Sphere’s already impressive visual display marks a new chapter in Las Vegas’s entertainment landscape. As the city continues to push the boundaries of immersive experiences, the Sphere stands out as a symbol of innovation and creativity. The upcoming Fourth of July celebration will showcase the full potential of this remarkable venue, offering visitors a taste of what’s to come.