Dead Gambler’s Family Alleges Wrongful Death at California Casino

wrongful death allegation at a California casino
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A wrongful death lawsuit has commenced, accusing security guards at a California casino of restraining and suffocating an unarmed man shortly after he had been playing baccarat. The victim, Jonathan Jung, allegedly succumbed to the actions of the guards at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California, as they pinned him down on the parking lot pavement.

Incident Details

According to the lawsuit, one of the guards placed his knee on Jung’s back during the restraint, contributing to his death. The attorneys representing Jung’s family, Terrance Jones and Minh Nguyen, argue that the security guards’ actions directly led to the tragedy.

Casino’s Defense

However, the casino contests this version of events. Bicycle Casino’s defense attorneys claim that Jung’s death was due to methamphetamine toxicity rather than the actions of the security personnel. They argue that Jung was acting erratically and posed a threat to others around him, necessitating intervention by the guards.

During the opening arguments, the casino’s counsel insisted that the guards were not responsible for Jung’s death. They maintained that Jung’s erratic behavior, influenced by meth use, led to his demise. The defense further claimed that Jung was not restrained in a manner that would have prevented him from breathing.

Contrasting Narratives

The plaintiff’s attorneys provided a starkly different account. They stated that Jung, who was hearing voices and talking to himself at a baccarat table, was instructed to leave the casino. He left $3,800 on the table and proceeded to the parking lot. Within minutes of being restrained and having a knee placed on his back, Jung passed away.

The plaintiff’s legal team contends that the situation could have been managed without the use of excessive and deadly force. They argue that the guards’ actions were unnecessary and that the confrontation could have been de-escalated peacefully. According to Courtroom View Network (CVN), the plaintiff’s attorneys claim that Jung was experiencing emotional trauma and the security guards’ response exacerbated the situation.

The Casino’s Counterclaims

Conversely, the casino’s lawyer, Joshua Bordin-Wosk, denied that Jung was hogtied by the guards and insisted that he was able to breathe throughout the incident. The defense maintains that Jung was attempting to evade capture in the parking lot, necessitating the guards’ intervention.

Seeking Compensation

The family of Jonathan Jung is seeking $132 million in damages. This amount is based on $1 million for each second that they claim Jung was improperly restrained. The legal team argues that this significant compensation is warranted due to the excessive force used by the security guards.

Trial Proceedings

The trial, presided over by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patrick Madden, is expected to continue until July 1. Jurors will review surveillance footage, autopsy reports, and conflicting witness statements to determine the case’s outcome. The proceedings will reveal whether the security guards’ actions constituted excessive force or if Jung’s meth use was the primary cause of his death.


As the trial progresses, it underscores the complex interplay between security measures and individual rights within casino environments. The case will set a precedent for how similar incidents are handled in the future, particularly concerning the use of force by security personnel. The family of Jonathan Jung seeks justice and accountability, while the casino aims to defend its practices and the actions of its employees. The outcome will have significant implications for both parties and the broader casino industry.