Daring Heist at The Venetian Resort: $250K in Diamonds Stolen

daring heist at The Venetian Resort
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In a daring heist at The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort, four suspects are facing charges after allegedly stealing diamond rings worth $250,000. The theft occurred during a conference at the renowned Las Vegas Strip property.

The Heist Unfolds

On May 31, a jeweler, whose identity remains undisclosed, was attending a bar at The Palazzo when his bag, containing the valuable diamond rings, was stolen. According to Las Vegas TV station KLAS, the suspects orchestrated a coordinated scheme to pilfer the bag.

The four individuals, identified as Juan Parrado Mendez, David Parrado Mendez, Melany Millian Lopez, and Leidy Grisales Suarez, allegedly collaborated in the theft. One suspect used his foot to maneuver the bag, while a second suspect took possession of it. A third suspect acted as a lookout, concealing the theft from onlookers. The entire plot was captured on the casino’s surveillance cameras.

Swift Apprehension

Authorities were quick to respond. On June 1, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers, on high alert for the suspects, located and apprehended them at the property. One of the suspects was found wearing the jeweler’s cord around his neck.

All four suspects were arrested and charged with grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny, as per court records. A judge released them on their own recognizance, and their cases will be handed over to local prosecutors.

The jeweler later explained to LVMPD officers that he had to keep the bag with him at all times due to insurance requirements, which is why he brought it into the bar.

Casino Jackpot Switch Scheme Busted in Indiana

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In another incident of casino crime, three suspects were apprehended for their involvement in a “jackpot switch” scheme at Bally’s Evansville Casino & Hotel in Indiana. This incident took place in April and was reported by Indiana TV station WEVV.

The Scheme

The suspects, identified as Shinvar Abdullatif, Ali Mohamad, and Delavan Mohammed, all residents of Nashville, Tennessee, were part of a plot to switch seats to collect jackpots fraudulently. Abdullatif initially won a jackpot, and Mohammed took his seat at the gaming machine to attempt to collect the payout.

Police revealed that Abdullatif had conducted four other jackpot switches earlier that day, with Mohammed involved in three and Mohamad in one. The trio’s actions were detected by casino officials and subsequently investigated by the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC).

Complicating matters further, Abdullatif had placed himself on a self-exclusion list at the casino, barring his entry for a year. Despite this, he entered the casino and executed the fraudulent scheme.

Arrest and Charges

The suspects were booked on gambling charges at Vanderburgh County Jail in Evansville, Indiana, and were later released from custody. The incident underscores the vigilant efforts of the IGC and casino officials in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities within gaming establishments.


These incidents highlight the varied nature of criminal activities within casinos, ranging from high-value thefts to sophisticated fraud schemes. The swift actions of law enforcement and regulatory bodies demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of gaming environments. As these cases proceed through the legal system, they serve as a reminder of the ongoing vigilance required to combat casino-related crimes.