Blain Captured The APPT Macau Championship

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At the Climax of the Asia Pacific Tour organized by poker stars about 9 players were up for the snatch to stage their skills in the $5000 no-limit holdem main event.

About 429 poker players contributed to the overall prize pool for the event making it worthy of $2,081,000. The first place has been declared to provide with $541,089.

Dermot Blain snatched the first place with his untiring and die-hard attitude towards making it to the top. His attitude favored him in having him evolve to be the last man standing in the final table.

Stefan Hjorthall was kicked off from the 9th place by Pontus Kers. Pocket nines were kicked off by the Aces Up by Pontus Kers.

The first elimination of Blain was aimed at Brandon Dems in eighth. Notably, Blain did hold pocket Aces and had Brandon Dems eliminated. Followed by that Blain holding Ace in Pockets eliminated Dbinder Singh who had pocket queens.

The A-9 which was held by Jicheng Su was taken over in superiority by the A-K of Daoxing Chen. Obviously, Su was eliminated out in the sixth place. Eliminations were getting quicker from this point.

The final results of the event were as follows:

Here is a look at the final results:

First Place Dermot Blain took home $541,089
Second Place Mike Kim took home $484,999
Third Place Daoxing Chen took home $239,327
Fourth Place Darkhan Botabayev took home $166,497
Fifth Place Pontus Kers took home $114,464
Sixth Place Jicheng Su took home $74,923
Seventh Place Dbinder Singh took home $52,033
Eighth Place Brandon Demes took home $41,621
Ninth Place Stefan Hjorthall took home $31,222

The victory of Blain is attributed to his healthy piling up of stacks that are worthy of nearly 7,390,000. The elimination of the 3 players in the table was followed by continued heads up play.


Mike Kim was playing with 920,000; however, this playing styled left him with no options to cover up with sufficient funds. In just 4 hands things came to an end.


In the last hand, Blain moved all in at pre-flop and Kim did not give up as he called the all in. It was show down and Blain turned over K-diamond 10 hearts, and Kim showed up 10 diamond 9 spade. The board was A spade 10 clubs 3 clubs J spade 8 spade and the end result Blain captured the APPT Macau championship.