BetMGM Bettor Just Misses $2.5M Payout in Portugal-Czechia Clash

BetMGM bettor just missing a $2.5M payout
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A BetMGM customer was just two minutes and a few inches away from securing a $2.5 million payout during the Euro 2024 soccer match between Portugal and the Czech Republic on Tuesday. The UK-based woman, participating in BetMGM’s free-to-play Golden Goals game, had correctly predicted the outcomes of five out of six games, putting her in a prime position for the grand prize.

The Road to the Big Win

In the build-up to the Portugal-Czechia game at Leipzig Stadium in Germany, BetMGM alerted about the potential historic win. The London-based player had already predicted the following match results accurately:

  • Spain 3 – Croatia 0
  • Italy 2 – Albania 1
  • Poland 1 – Netherlands 2
  • Serbia 0 – England 1
  • Austria 0 – France 1

If Portugal could manage a 3-1 victory over Czechia – mirroring their 2008 match result in the same competition – the bettor would become the first winner of BetMGM’s Golden Goals promotion. This promotion ran throughout the 2023/24 EPL season without a winner before being carried over to the Euros.

The Dramatic Match

Portugal, led by Ronaldo, entered the match as one of the tournament favorites but struggled initially despite dominating the first half. The 11/1 odds for a 3-1 Portugal win seemed optimistic at halftime, with Czech keeper Jindřich Staněk making crucial saves against Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes. Portuguese winger Rafael Leão also had near misses.

The match took a dramatic turn when Lukáš Provod scored a stunning goal in the 63rd minute, keeping the bettor’s hope alive, albeit slimly, as Portugal now needed three goals in 30 minutes. The odds improved slightly when Czech defender Robin Hranac scored an own goal after a ricochet from a Leão header.

With minutes left, Diego Jota seemed to edge the bettor closer to victory, reacting quickly to a Ronaldo header that bounced off the post. However, a VAR replay showed Ronaldo’s elbow was offside by mere inches, nullifying the goal.

The Final Moments

In the 92nd minute, substitute Francisco Conceição scored, leaving the bettor with a nail-biting final two minutes. Unfortunately, Portugal couldn’t score another goal, leaving the bettor just shy of the $2.5 million prize.

Despite the near miss, the bettor still walked away with £5,000 for her correct predictions, a consolation for the effort. The player declined to comment on whether she felt like a winner of £5,000 or a loser of £1,995,000.

Portugal’s Tournament Standing

As of now, Portugal is the fourth favorite to win the tournament at 6-1 odds, trailing behind England (4-1), France (4-1), and host nation Germany (5-1).


The BetMGM customer’s experience underscores the thrilling and often heartbreaking nature of sports betting. While the £5,000 prize is a substantial win, the close call for the $2.5 million payout highlights the fine margins that can define success and near-miss in the world of gambling. With Euro 2024 continuing, bettors worldwide are reminded of the unpredictable excitement that each match can bring.