Arkansas Man Sues Las Vegas Stripper for $38.5M Over Alleged Relationship Fraud

arkansas man suing a Las Vegas stripper
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An Arkansas man has filed a lawsuit against a Las Vegas exotic dancer, seeking $38.5 million in damages for what he claims was a decade-long deception. Fred Brunner alleges that Melanie Sterling led him to believe they were in an exclusive romantic relationship, during which he gave her $3.5 million in cash and gifts, as well as funding multiple trips and purchasing a home for her.

Allegations of Deception and Financial Exploitation

According to the lawsuit, Brunner, who was going through a divorce in 2014, met Sterling at an unnamed Las Vegas gentleman’s club. He claims that Sterling quickly recognized his wealth and saw an opportunity to exploit him financially. Over the next ten years, Sterling allegedly maintained daily communication with Brunner, fostering a false sense of intimacy and commitment.

The lawsuit, which was reported by KNWA-TV/Fayetteville, accuses Sterling of using the money she received from Brunner to support her real boyfriend in Las Vegas. Brunner is seeking at least $3.5 million in compensatory damages and an additional $35 million in punitive damages.

The Origins of the Lawsuit

Brunner’s complaint details how he initially visited the club to “smoke a cigar and have a few cocktails” and met Sterling, who allegedly realized the financial potential in befriending him. The lawsuit claims that Sterling did only enough to keep Brunner from becoming suspicious of her true intentions, leading him on for financial gain.

Legal Implications

Brunner’s lawsuit is significant not just for its financial demands but also for the potential legal precedents it might set regarding relationships and financial transactions between patrons and exotic dancers. The case raises questions about the boundaries of personal relationships and the responsibilities of individuals in such contexts.