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Pokies are on chance and you have less to do in terms of strategies.  Pokies are more or less similar to slots.  Pokies are used in Australia to denote slots gaming.  There are different types of pokies you can find online like:

  • The number of reels used in the pokie machine, it can be anywhere from 3 to 5
  • The number of pay lines, can be one or more
  • The type of pay lines can be horizontal, diagonal or zigzag pay lines

Pokie Norms

  • You have to decide about the number of coins you are willing to play per spin; ideally, it is recommended that you play max bet.
  • Once you have decided on how much you are going to play, fill in the money you are willing to play and click on spin.
  • As the reel spins and slows down and the images assemble on the payline and
  • The computer automatically releases the earned payout to your machine.
  • You can continue playing the next spin.

It is up to you to decide if you will play minimum or maximum coins.  Special pokier offers like bonus spins, multipliers and more are worthy of being explored.  To play Pokies, you need not have to spend lot of time understanding the rules, for they are simple.

Pokies being too simple to play can get you addicted with time. It is important you plan your money and use appropriate money management strategies to make your play.

Pokies are played as individual games where you play and immediately case your winnings.  There are progressive and non-progressive variants of pokies play. In progressive pokies play, the winning money increases with more number of players.  The chances of winning progressive pokies are infinitesimal, but winning can boost your bankroll to an unimaginable size. It is risky though.  You can choose to play the variant appropriate for your risk appetite.