The China Mobile PUBG Game Exceeds Expectations

China’s leading internet provider, Tencent recently released the official PUBG game on mobile! That’s right. PUBG on the go? We are officially living in the future.

PUBG Mobile

The market for mobile games in China is currently on a steep rise. Whether it be for hardcore gamers or just the casual gaming market, there is a constant demand for mobile games in China. Some of you may be aware that Tencent bought the rights to publish their own PUBG game in 2017. Well, it’s 2018 now and they start off the year by releasing not one but two PUBG mobile games.

Prior to the release, they showed us this epic live-action trailer of the game

The first game is called PUBG: Army Attack and the other PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield. There are slight differences in both games but the concept is exactly the same as well as graphics

PUBG: Army Attack

Army Attack looks a little simpler compared to Exhilarating Battlefield. The goals are exactly the same, however, because of the lack of details in the graphics, gameplay is smoother and faster paced in this game.

PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield

Exhilarating Battlefield is exactly like the PC version. From the color scheme to the weapons. The only difference is the game controls. Obviously, you can’t have PC controls on a mobile game. There is no aim assist in this game either so it makes the game that much more challenging.

Right now, both games are available for download on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, it is region locked for China for obvious reasons. There is no news about a global release as of yet but it is still possible for you to download the game. You will need to change your shop region in order to download it.

The game is free to play but expect microtransactions in the game.

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