Humble Monthly October: Get Overwatch and eight other games for only $12

At this point and time, most gamers are familiar with Humble Bundle and what they do. In the rare cases that you don’t, Humble Bundle offers a bundle of games at a discounted price. On top of that, a cut of the profit goes to supporting charity! Now, they have this monthly subscription thing – Humble Monthly – where you pay $12 for nine games plus access to the Humble Trove. For the month of October, the early unlock game is Overwatch. As long as you get it before October 5, this is your chance to get Overwatch and eight other games for only $12 when you subscribe to Humble Monthly October.

Last month, for example, subscribing to Humble Monthly gives you access to Sniper Elite 4, Staxel and Tales of Berseria.

Provide for the needy

As we mentioned, a portion of the money spent on the games will be channelled to certain charities. For instance, the September bundle provides for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). The month prior, they contributed to the homeless youth of Covenant House. The cool thing about Humble Bundle is you get to choose other charities that float your boat. Other charities on the list are Save the Children, Make a Wish, War Child and more. Therefore, buying games off of Humble Bundle is basically a two in one deal. You can get games and provide aid for charity at the same time.

Special Offer for Humble Monthly October

Subscribing for October will not only net you Overwatch but you will also get three loot boxes! Each of the loot boxes contains four items each so that’s free 12 items. The catch is you only get two loot boxes in November and the last one in December. You just have to wait until next month to get those loot boxes. To clarify, you do not need to sub for November to get those loot boxes.

Humble Monthly October

Once you have subscribed to Humble Monthly, you can start redeeming Overwatch on your Blizzard account. However, the other games that you can redeem on October 5 will need to be claimed on a Steam account. After your subscription ends, you can keep the games forever! You’re also free to cancel your subscription anytime if you do not wish to continue for the next month in the cases where the game doesn’t interest you. Or, you simply just want Overwatch and nothing else. Humble Monthly provides a ‘take a break’ option so it’s totally okay to “get in and get out”.

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