First of the legendary Overwatch summer games skins revealed looking ready for the waves in her new Overwatch summer games skin. Overwatch recently released this tweet of looking great in her new Waveracer skin!

And you know what this means…

Overwatch Summer Games 2018

With the return of the Overwatch Summer games event 2018, comes the return of the limited-time skins from past Summer Games events. Yes, this includes everyone’s favourite: Winged Mercy and Grillmaster: 76.

It is safe to assume that the old skins will be discounted to 1000 credits while the new skins will be 3000 credits. With this year’s Summer Games event, it seems like Blizzard will be bringing back Lucioball and possibly competitive Lucioball as well. If you don’t remember or know what that event is, just think Rocket League.

Everyone will play as Lucio and there will be a ball on the arena. To win, you have to boop the ball into the opponent’s goal and you put your team up a point. It is only in the Summer Games event will you get to play Lucioball so best make the most of it while it’s there.

The summer games event will begin on August 9 and end on September 3. So mark up your calendars!

Blizzard Partners Up With Twitch Prime

Since Hammond’s recent release, many people are looking to start collecting his skins. But we all know the frustration of opening a lootbox only to get a legendary item for a hero that you don’t play. That’s why Blizzard has teamed up with Twitch Prime yet again, similar to the Golden Lootboxes, users may collect up to two “Wrecking Ball” lootboxes. These lootboxes will exclusively give you Wrecking Ball items so no need to worry bout getting more irrelevant skins. So be sure to subscribe to Twitch Prime this month to get your two special lootboxes.

As for next month, subscribers will get one golden lootbox. A golden lootbox is a special lootbox that will only give you legendary items.

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