Brigitte Lindholm Is Your New Overwatch Hero

The reveal for the 27th hero was made today via Twitter after a whole week of teasing and hints dropping. Brigitte Lindholm is your new Overwatch hero! As her name would suggest, Brigitte is the daughter of Chief Engineer, Torbjörn Lindholm. Having spent her childhood working with her father in the workshop, she has become quite handy herself. However, she wants to go beyond just making and repairing armors. Inspired to protect, Brigitte wants to fight in the frontline and support her allies.

Brigitte’s Abilities


Brigitte’s passive that acts as a heal-over-time for allies. Generated by each hits she lands.

Rocket Flail

Brigitte’s primary attack that lets her swing her flail in a wide arc in front of her. Capable of smashing multiple enemies at once.

Whip Shot

Flinging her flail forward, Brigitte can take a shot at enemies at a distance and knock them backward.

Barrier Shield

A frontal energy barrier that absorbs a fixed amount of damage. Standing behind Brigitte’s shield will protect you from damage.

Shield Bash

Brigitte can only use this once the Barrier is up. Dashing forward, she is able to stun an enemy if she lands the hit.


Brigitte’s ultimate that buffs allies with a substantial amount of armor. It also increases her own movement speed as she gets ready to lead the team into battle!

Ready for Brigitte? She’s already out on the public test realm so go ahead and give her a try there! She’ll be officially released between 2 a.m. GMT+8 and 3 a.m. GMT+8 (1 p.m. ET and 2 p.m. ET). Brigitte makes the 27th hero of Overwatch and also the first for this year. Check out her origin video above!

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