Behemoth showing up in Monster Hunter World

Earlier today during the Square Enix E3 2018 showcase, they teased a┬áMonster Hunter World x Final Fantasy XIV double crossover. Despite the less than appealing video showcase from Square Enix, this at the least was the most exciting thing for me. As a player of both games, seeing Rathalos invade The Azim Steppe was pretty awesome. But wait, there’s more!

behemoth in monster hunter world
The leaked video isn’t the best but it’s something! (Screengrab via Reddit submission in /r/monsterhunterworld)

Behemoth in Monster Hunter World

Currently, the only details made known to the public is the one concerning Rathalos invading the Final Fantasy XIV world. A leak detailing a new monster showing up in the Elder’s Recess popped up on the Monster Hunter subreddit shortly after. The video started with Behemoth dropping into the Monster Hunter World via a meteor. At first, you would think it’s just another monster with Dodogama’s skeleton. But as it turns out, he’s got Mr. Pickles in his mouth! Can you imagine just how big he is? At the end of the video, it seems like this crossover will be happening later this Summer. The same goes for the Final Fantasy XIV event, it’s also due to hit the game in Summer 2018.

As a fan of both games, I’m super excited for this crossover! Now, if they would give us a Palico minion in FFXIV and a Cactuar Palico in MHW, my life would be complete.

Check out the leaked video here!

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